Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wound Management What Is The Wound Management?

What is the wound management? - wound management

Heel torn (traumatic) neucrotic and slightly swollen feet and ankles


I do care! said...

It is the wound depends on the current health of the person and past health problems that could affect the desired result.

If the person was completely healthy, and there are too many tangents.

To prevent the debridement of necrotic tissue (distance), tissue death and promote further healing.
It would be a little cream to be applied decided by the doctor.
A suitable dressing to the wound and size APPLID.
And the foot badaged Lighty and raised where possible. tencouragedhe patient sits incouraged.
The foot should not prevent pressure on the torn area further death of tissue, and create an ulcer.

Mfh H said...

First, consult a doctor, you or point you may need an injection of antibiotics. If it is caused by the metal, may need tetanus shot. Can be washed with water and rinse the dirt. DAB, and the application of an antibiotic cream. A large self-adhesive bandage with gauze to completely cover you should follow.

Check the dry well at least twice a day, and wash, and apply new dressing cream at least twice a day. I strongly recommend that you consult a doctor or a nurse needed in community infections and injections.

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