Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Do Tat Wax Work How Soon Can I Get A Bikini Wax After A Tattoo?

How soon can I get a Bikini wax after a Tattoo? - how do tat wax work

I have a tat on Thursday and in my bikini line, wondering how long I get a Brazilian for the healing process? Wax is destroying my tat? Or would you prefer some colors?


etrigone said...

If you shave, you can wait with only a month. To grow, particularly Brazil, at least two months.

More the better, but the addition of a month, be sure the top .. This is why many people who work in tattoo winter. They are good to go from here comes the summer.

Guns N Roses Gal said...

I'd say wait until it is completely healed. No scales, no more itching.

But I'm no expert. So yes, call the tattoo shop with a tattoo. They should react in the situation.

Doe said...

Yes, I want to wait at least 2 months, I do not even know his shaved hard I have a tattoo on his calf and had to shave it for a month or so.

Ur Dream GirL♥ said...

Maybe a month or 2 ...
Not before.
You do not want the risk

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