Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Bjorn Spoon What Do You Think Of The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier?

What do you think of the Baby Bjorn baby carrier? - baby bjorn spoon

My daughter is 8 weeks should mean that if it is extinguished. He loves to see everyone, instead of ISO, and only the uterus. She leads well enough, but still very solid. But I love it in the Baby Bjorn to the outside. Some people say he is too young to be this way because it puts too much pressure on the spine pass very quickly. But it seems like it. Should I stop using it until it grows? I hope that this is not the case because they are heavy!


belinda milfinda said...

If you are concerned about the pressure in the spine, you can try a scarf. I love my Maya Wrap. "They" say that the loops are best for the hip and the spine of the child because the child's weight is distributed throughout the body. I really do not understand the argument forward to the baby. I turned around, as you are comfortable. What is the difference between looking and looking back? In any case, is supported in the basin. If she is happy, safe and comfortable, though. My second child, loved to look forward too, and has been very good for their language skills.

Erica J said...

My son is 12 weeks and loves it! I started it looked as I was about 9 weeks. He had excellent control of the head. I saw it for sure if I'm tired or weak, or you do not have anything has changed. I do not think you should worry if you think it is a long time. I enjoy the sea and is much happier in it than in the stroller. It also helps you lose weight, baby!

REBMA R said...

I just want to try, with very small amounts of time before it actually receives.

REBMA R said...

I just want to try, with very small amounts of time before it actually receives.

Just_Me said...

Yes, I also think it makes too much pressure on the spine. I would not use it for a while.

mystic_e... said...

Bjorns bad for babies spine TIME baby. They are badly designed. It is when a baby is in them that makes their legs with all his weight on his abdomen and back. Is this how you want?

Suitable carriers keep baby's legs 90 degrees to your body, and 90 degrees from each other (more or less). This allows the weight on the buttocks and thighs spread. And keeps his hips in a good position. Also acceptable for the child "as" or "Buddha sitting with legs crossed.

If they have a good control of the head and do not do anything that requires a lot of movement) (eg, selecting objects on the ground or jogging. And you know, there is no reason not to the outside face. In some cultures, infants placed on their backs so they can see over his shoulder, but mothers are the heads of the mother, so tired. Overall, people in North America are not comfortable with the carrier until baby can sit unaided. But it is his reputation.

Most reverseTile Company is a protection, and even if it difficult to learn and use, even the hang of it, are very versatile. You can nurse, you can see the hip, back and front door. You can put your head under the cloth when the baby sleeps () some positions. And so on.

Asian Baby Carrier, because they are often as good. They are very easy to use, but not so versatile. They are basically a square or a rectangle with a strap at each corner. To give wide straps for comfort, preferably woven, with a few (or not much, if it expresses the whole time).

Some people feel that they are not unstructured carriers safe because they are afraid that if the node (s) Come Undone dropped the baby. Let me say that the friction of the tape long ago, a very slow decline. Sometimes it's my son and I went in and undo the straps and jump up and not moving. Finally, I would take over the company completely and start over. That is more on winter clothing. Clothing easily and directlyhow crazy habit.

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