Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Door Swags What Are Some Really Unique Ideas For Door Decorations For Christmas?

What are some really unique ideas for door decorations for christmas? - christmas door swags

What are some unique ideas for decorating the door for Christmas? I'm going to medical school, and we need to decorate our classroom door for Christmas ... What are some unique ideas? With all the bases, cotton wool, glitter, cardboard, colored paper, Popsicle sticks, etc., and perhaps with a Christmas theme or a doctor? Take a day, all awesome:)


Diane B. said...

For medical questions, you can see several icons, or even use bacteria, tools or animals, etc, for medicine .... Then, you create one or more of these objects with materials like strings of Christmas lights, tinsel tinsel or beads, ribbons, or an individual, etc ... or it could be something like a mosaic arches more than just an overview, use or other things for different parts of the image.

A caduseus (sp?) Film with an enhanced form wire around the right-striped candy canes and a kind of (angels?) Wings would be one possibility, but there are all types of medical articles on the topic as well .. . Moreover, the image can also adapt to the particular class that is taught in the room or guardian, etc.

Or conversely, you can use medical care, to items such as Christmas tree decorations, snowmen, gifts, etc. extensions of surgical gloves can make reindeer antlers as cool, etc.

To avoid glue or nails, use, etc. in the door itself, could establish the elements of a database table or the back of some kind, then a connection with thisnew me, but strong removable adhesive putty, etc ... or even the door wrapping around Christmas and then add it ... or cling to something, etc.


Diane B.

Saxon B said...

a naked girl with some nice **** in the wall and the door ... u can me something along the lines of gender

Saxon B said...

a naked girl with some nice **** in the wall and the door ... u can me something along the lines of gender

Meeks said...

Ack! We have to do earlier in the school. (My class has twice won! Woo!)
Some quick ideas:

Christmas landscape with cotton balls (slightly separated), make "mountains of snow" about 2/3rds of the door. Cover entire surface with white paper underneath. Well, do away photos, magazine cut (ads are probably a lot for that), fragments of old maps, etc. Monte tagboard fragile stuff. Then mount the image you want. I point this scrapbooking little foam (sometimes you can find in a dollar store for cheeeep), so that the images from the background. Add sun or birds, or whether in the "sky" above the clouds.

Window: Cut a piece of tagboard to the desired size of the window to be. "Draw a picture on their Christmas - Santa's workshop) is a tree of Nice, the scene of the fire (with soot, etc. Then cut a piece of tagboard the same size, but cut most of the interior, which is the form of a frame. glue on the picture that you have done. Mount the entireEverything in her doorway. If he is the "workshop of Santa Claus" point of view, it would be advisable to "yellow" tape over the rest of the door and said something like "Warning: Toy Production in construction. Only elves!"

Feng Shaun said...

oh ... I have your problem ...
I think it's a good idea, the door to her classroom door, when a very old, who make from plants in full

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