Friday, January 8, 2010

Decorative Vanity Mirrors What Is The Best Way To Remove Wax From A Mirror?

What is the best way to remove wax from a mirror? - decorative vanity mirrors

The mirror Christmas ornaments with a picture of the sail. Scratch that a residue.


jackfros... said...

Pour hot water over them clean and. (It melted the wax)

jessie said...

Goo Gone. or UNRWA --
And next time, rub Ice Cube for several minutes before you try to scratch, because in one piece. This also works well on any smooth surface ...
in clothing / carpets / textiles put some paper towels on a piece of paper and put a towel over the real.
The actual iron towel and paper towels to absorb the wax while the piece of paper towel to protect your reality.

pumma said...

clean with alcohol

MARCIAL R said...

When the mirror is a frame to put in the freezer overnight. freeze and reduce wax. then use to fetch the knife. Even if you bring a towel over the waxed paper and place a hot iron melt on the spot and the wax is absorbed by the paper.

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