Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almighty Cleans Why Do So Many Republicans Here Disapprove Of His Almighty Highness Franklin Roosevelt?

Why do so many Republicans here disapprove of his almighty highness Franklin Roosevelt? - almighty cleans

I remember stories inherited from my grandfather, like FDR of Hoover, a kitchen full of dirty things, even a professional cleaner does not come, and how to clean things up. In addition to the emergence of an economic crisis with the New Deal, Roosevelt gave us in the 2nd World War, but with a coalition of allies and ran a scandal without a proper management of three terms that directly.

But today I met the major disadvantages of FDR and old to Reagan's economic disaster and the Iran-Contra led compared.

Why is this so?


Dennis c said...

Because the Republicans do not support a Democrat has a good job.

This is the reason that Bill Clinton has worked tirelessly Republicans during his presidency.

Bill Clinton has had the longest time a well-functioning economy, we in the history of our nation.

Remember how good was it?

Then George W. Bush has destroyed the wonderful economy that Bill Clinton gave him.

war_is_s... said...

Roosevelt was far from perfect, like all presidents, is a man.

Have not a radical (in the sense of "different from, what had happened before) was adopted and that always scares conservtives.

But it was the ideal man for the job on time, at least the American people expect, because he was elected 4 times.

Could a bad president for 1980 to be that Reagan was a disaster in the 1930s was. Lincoln could have been a mediocre president if he had served at any time, but it was only the president of the country required during the Civil War. In politics, timing is everything.

kazmania... said...

Now, Reagan brought us out of the Depression to help Jimmy Carter, much worse. Iran-Contra, the already not much.

I have heard many believed FDR "and most appear to be very well respected as president. However, it contains the social security that does not seem a good idea in the wider economic situation. And it moves us closer to many social programs, we are with fixed.
In the short term have helped many of their programs, but it would be better long term solution if they are cut.
The opinion of one man.

Jamus Trip AM HO said...

In fact, the President GWB is giving you a valid argument that humans are somehow escaped natural selection.

Salsa Shark said...

The only reason to "bash" FDR is, that the spirit from the bottle as Social Security. While well-intentioned from the outset was a source of additional revenue is found that the government will never be in a position to his hands off. Therefore, it is finally at the end if nothing is done ... Leaving millions of older Americans angry and turning into the wind.

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