Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aids Pamphlets Should Conservatives Go To San Francisco And Protest The "Code Pink" Crowd?

Should conservatives go to San Francisco and protest the "Code Pink" crowd? - aids pamphlets

Maybe we should go and protest with us on a lil. Maybe throw the baby shoes on aborted fetuses or MS or AIDS as brochures or photos of teenage pregnancies and drug addicts.


some-yan... said...

A star in this issue ... the best thing I've read in a week!

You have a better idea of something soon. We have four more years of this injustice, if we do not. To answer your question is yes, this conservative support is needed.

ettubozo said...

Another reason the Republicans lost the election.
Republicans are with the behavior of "right wing loon synonymous."
I'm sure it will not leave Whykickamoocow "composite" to the large number of Code Pink addresses.
What do you live?
Normal people have more immediate concerns.

Roderick B said...

Do not waste your time will be much more effective than simply boycott their economies. With so many companies headquartered or heavily boycotted in the city can be managed properly to be effective when we are patiently investing.

Regina (SOC) said...

San Francisco, USA Sin City - The modern Sodom and Gomorrah, the people who do evil things ........... who wants exposure to such things?

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