Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding Program Thank You Words What Is The Correct Wording For Wedding Programs As Far As Thanking Guests & For Memorials?

What is the correct wording for wedding programs as far as thanking guests & for memorials? - wedding program thank you words

He is to be married and people travel long distances. How should we recognize the memorial of flowers, not in a bad mood?


TTC for #1- baby dust said...

I make wedding invitations and programs, such as a small business. I see many brides, is not to listen to the letter a "thank you" or "memory".

I've always said that something that has come from the heart must be! If you do it sounds, as if trying to write from someone else, you take from that feeling!

If the memory of a person through a variety of flowers, talk about a memory they share with them, and why you want the flowers represent his love for her. If you give a "thank you" for the trip to your wedding, think of a cute and funny poem about it. Or something like that

"The memories we are creating for us means more than you think. Thank you, not just for the memories, but also for their love, support and above all to celebrate with us today, we thank you for this trip. To see the smiles and get hugs from loved ones who fill our new life with love!

The Internet is a good place to find all types of poems. Make sure that gIve the name of the author, where credit is due!

The other is for programs, including a photo of you and your husband. Keep it personal and in conjunction with real emotions. Marriage is about love and begin a new life. Share with those who are willing to be there to experience!

Have fun with it!

Cupcake's Princess said...

Short and simple is the way forward. If you think you need to find out what flowers, I would simply say, "In memory of loved ones who are not with us today. To be more specific about what is a reminder of their loved one could say: "In memory of our loved darkness, the left", but is it sounds a little bit for me.

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