Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Baby Arrival Wording Am I Obligated To Have A Relationship With My Baby's Father If He Hasn't Been There Since I Got Pregnant?

Am I obligated to have a relationship with my baby's father if he hasn't been there since i got pregnant? - new baby arrival wording

OK, I am currently in the 8th Disappeared months pregnant and the father of my son before I made of "I'm pregnant." I asked for months to spend time with me for the baby to get used to it and all attempts have failed. If you are committed to do something, call or tx, when the time comes for the disappointment of their apologies. When I stopped to ask him to things such as go-dr or help me (financially support, and I am) from work, she said, the child is not here, then he (the child) is not a lack of everything. A few days ago, he contacted me and 'm asked to join in a Restarant, so we can discuss things. I waited 8 months, so I said yes without hesitation. He will meet on Tuesday, and I have in my bed and night thinking about everything that has happened, and now he wants to "talk", he hopes to do so. BC now I'm havin hesitation, he sat me when I asked to speak with him, but now shoes are on the other foot, British Columbia, near the arrival of your baby. Am i obligagteD You will not get far in their offer, despite his prayers in the past, I for their time and dismissed each time? HELLLLLLLLP!

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