Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cuzco Peru Map Do You Know Peru's Map? Or Do You Live In The Peru Country?!!?

Do you know peru's map? or do you live in the Peru Country?!!? - cuzco peru map

I want to make a map of Peru was a lot of detailed information on this topic. Then I went to many places with red cards and books and was so successful for me, but I have not found one, and the Inca Trail! I need this card for today means something, I do not have much time and can not find the Inca Trail in Peru, so if you live in the country, Peru, or know what the card I think, is that you know probable that in the Inca Trail between Cusco and Muchu Picchu.
I can also say that a website has its place.
Thank you!


memorex said...

Maybe it's too late, but here are some addresses you can visit are:

Or Google for the Inca Trail Map


peru teacher said...

Austin, Texas, has good maps

shanga said...

to get additional sitting on the Google map

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