Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bone Cyst More Condition_symptoms Is There A Chance Of Bone Cyst Spreading In Other Parts Of The Body, If It Is Present In Some Bone Already?

Is there a chance of bone cyst spreading in other parts of the body, if it is present in some bone already? - bone cyst more condition_symptoms

For example, I have a bone cyst in the thigh, as I approached the surgery the doctors said, but also said it is also a risk that the spread can be in other parts of the body. They were not sure whether it would be treated successfully or unsuccessfully.

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yes he did he was one of 12 kids said...

I also have 2 in the thigh bone cyst, the doctors discover why try. Any doctor who wishes to remove without cause, is a physician who must continue to do. There are several reasons why you can have these cysts. It is much more important to address the first reason.

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