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Fence Charlotte Pride And Prejudice Charlotte Bronte?

Pride and prejudice charlotte bronte? - fence charlotte

I must write an essay on Pride and Prejudice. The association says: "Charlotte Bronte describes the world of Pride and Prejudice as" ... a well-fenced garden, very well educated, with clear borders and delicate flowers. Centered on the notion of appearance and reality in assessing the validity of these staement.
I understand the concept of illusion and reality in the novel, but I do not understand what he means by this award charlottle Bronte. Need help ASAP. Thank you.


ck1 said...

More ... quote - "A faithful portrait of a face daguerrotyped common garden well fenced, highly cultivated, with clear borders and delicate flowers, but not seen a face, bright and vibrant, no open country, no fresh air, no blue hill, not Beck is Bonny.

I think it means that there is nothing to the passion and the wildlife shows. It is the darkness and misery in Pride and Prejudice found in Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte), there are Gothic elements, the story of Jane Austen.

Charlotte Brontë also think it's basically the story of Jane Austen is not a realistic picture of real life, but an image that is processed and artificial. Situations and people are not in 3D, based in Charlotte, they cardboard cutouts of real people. The scenes and situations that seems to say, are cardboard figures with no relevance to the real life of pain and suffering, pain and passion, debauchery and exciting.

BasicAllies would, Charlotte Bronte, where he still lives, to say that Pride and Prejudice, "a picture of people who are on a specific set-up 'approach has not so unrealistic as people see in real life, the they act and react spontaneously.

I agree with Charlotte Bronte, though. Jane Austen, shows a great knowledge of human nature and its history in his time: a time of civility. The passions were there, but they were governed.

livedie said...

first. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, not written.
when I read the quote, I think it could mean the book Bronte, said that not really describe what focus or reality really is. The book focuses on a world that is what the world is really different. I mean, not everyone can be a rich man, rich in love with you I love you still refuse, or later.

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