Monday, February 1, 2010

Christian Phrases About Life Ok Schmo (and Others), On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Offensive Do You Regard The Phrase, Judeo-Christian ?

Ok Schmo (and others), on a scale of 1 to 10, how offensive do you regard the phrase, Judeo-Christian ? - christian phrases about life

Tradition? As if a certain line of seamless continuity between the one and the other with minor differences only trivial, naturally flowed into the other. The whole "Judeo-Christian tradition", the phrase seems like an expression of the religious right, to convince us that they have concocted their antisemitic past behind them.

Tell me where I am wrong here.


LHOOQ said...

As a half-Jewish (and non-Christians in general), I must say that I find disturbing the sentence. Besides doctrinal differences, the Jewish emphasis on inclusion and tolerance, while the Christian emphasis on violence and hypocrisy. I do not think it's good to mix the two traditions.

J. said...

In fact, the sentence Gregory novel, Jud eo is the Christian foundation of Western civilization. It is a historical term that highlights two important factors. Constantine was to merge the two to make Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire.

Today, Judaism survived the destruction of the Temple, the central place of worship twice. Jews were first exiled and then allowed to rebuild the temple again. Second Jewish culture has become a religion without a church to rabbinic tradition. Judaism has adapted seven cultures, but only in Western civilization, the temple was unnecessary.

To say that Christianity became the "Semitic" originally created by the religious right is historically inaccurate. The religious right is a political entity is neither religious nor right. It does not create the isolation of Jews in ghettos.

Jesus (Joshua ben Joseph) was a Jew, a rabbi, and the king. The title of the king of the Romans, who run it. Paul was a Jew, the Hellenistic Christianity changed from a Jewish sect. Paul is a prime example of a Greco-Roman culture, Jewish culture is.

Answer: Where is the head? Without a historical context, anywhere.

JustMe said...

You are completely wrong. Judas is Hebrew for Jews. Christian simply means, like Christ. Nobody wants to be a Jew behind. If so, you are racist [my] book.

I am very proud of my Jewish heritage. I am a Messianic Jew. Why not? I came from the Jews.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian said...

I find this offensive. Certainly have Christianity and the teachings of Jesus have their roots in Judaism. Of course it is more or less when the game, but the "descent" was valid.

ozzy said...

Jewelry Ok, there's no difference that the pilgrimage United ,'','' URI consisting of 400 circles of cooperation in 70 countries

That one guy said...

I see nothing offensive. Who will knock your head, exactly?

jojo said...

If they do not leave their past behind them anti-Semitic, they should. And would even on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say 0

Manuel said...


They are is rigth or wrong is irrelevant

FUNdie said...

Jesus was a Jew OT. But it was the beginning of Christianity. Just ran into each other.

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