Monday, February 15, 2010

Aquarium Thermastat Can You Help Me With Information On How To Keep My Fish Cool?

Can you help me with information on how to keep my fish cool? - aquarium thermastat

I have an aquarium for 5 gallons and 10 gallons and the temperature in both the upper (80-82 degrees). The THERMASTAT in my apt. Always set to around 74 degrees, so there is never hot in my apt. I ve tried online price alls water cooler, but I see it as refrigerators, which are in a fish shop (big expensive) /. I bought a heater, also for $ 20, so difficult and should be able to find something for the price. Can you tell me what they want and where you go too, or is there a possibility that fresh tank without a refrigerator, which would buy safe for my fish to keep?


Anonymous said...

Step 1:
Put water in a Ziploc bag
Step 2:
Ice-cold water.
Step 3:
Put the bag of ice on the tank
Step 4:
Once the ice melts, water, reuse the bag again, but put it in the freezer and refreezing of the water.

Total .... 5 cents.

PS If you do not remove the heater, I would.

Anonymous said...

adequate food

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