Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clean Rust From Nickel How Do I Clean Rust Spots And Dirty Walls In My Swimming Pool?

How do I clean rust spots and dirty walls in my swimming pool? - clean rust from nickel

I have a 24 'round above ground pool. It seems that the spots of rust, probably could from my garden hose. Stains left at the liner. I also have a look dull in most of the dirty floor and walls. What and clean it?


♥Melody♥ said...

Mold Curos is to take off does not mean that, you can try bleach, can attract, while alil scrubs, you could add something to lighten the stain, but I think it goes with him to live or to take another line. It is very expensive. (This happened to me (not a pipe, was ruined when the box)
Sorry that happened o (

Coco28 said...

You can try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have a lot in my pool and a great job.

mel s said...

Brightness works for me

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