Friday, February 19, 2010

Download Crack Mount E Bladev 1011 Free Blogspot Question About Mounting A Torrent File I Downloaded.?

Question about mounting a torrent file I downloaded.? - download crack mount e bladev 1011 free blogspot

I recently downloaded a game with utorrent. I thought he left an ISO file, but that's in two, two files, text files and a ZIP file DAA become. When I click the RAR file, which leads me to Internet Explorer, and then something will appear (not to say EA's open) or save. if it brings me to re-open Internet Explorer and reappears. If I keep the same file.
The AAP both say they need to run a program. A text file that says he was uploaded on this website that the other person said.
1. Assembly.
2. Installing The Game.
3. Copy NoDVD Crack.
4. Play The Game.
My question is, how can I get what I what I am going with the program drive, and what the third step.


Poor taste said...

Daa file link is a DVD image. Use PowerISO to open.

Chris said...

To mount an image, you must DeamonTools ( or another program like Alcohol120 virtual hard disk.

First unzip / rar to ISO, NRG IMG or a little later, now CD / DVD will automatically boot disk really.

If you do not want to install a virtual disk wizard, can the ISO with WinRAR ( and extract the content whenever you want to open. then proceed with the installation.

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